PeterCJ (pryrt) wrote,

Association as of late

Tuesday evening before I get my FA in... harumph.

Unconscious Mutterings' FA

  1. Deeper and deeper::Higher up and Higher In
  2. Can’t help .... ::schade
  3. Devil’s advocate::"My Advocate" by Martha Snell Nicholson
  4. Superpower::US vs. USSR
  5. Threatening::US vs. USSR
  6. Played::US vs. USSR
  7. War::US vs. USSR
  8. Violate::violet
  9. Invest::vesting
  10. Choke::hold


(not that I'm sorry; just giving the reasons for my answers)

  1. The former brought to mind the latter, which is a paraphrase from Narnia's "The Last Battle"
  2. "sorry"
  3. It's a poem I memorized in high school that has mostly stayed with me. It was published in Treasures, (Moody Press, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, 1952). [likely out of print]. quotes it in its entirety.
  4. it seemed a reasonable association
  5. that I couldn't get out of my head...
  6. "a game" came quickly after, but the first and freest was still stuck on my answer above
  7. by this time, we're all tired of my answer. Sorry.
  8. finally, I came up with something else first
  9. stocks::stock options
  10. and back to violence


Tags: fa
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