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Stop associating ...

Apparently, I'd decided to stop associating with the likes of you... at least, to stop free associating here for a while. I won't bother to "catch up", but I will have a go at this weeks'

Unconscious Mutterings' FA

  1. Stalker::dead
  2. Outrageous::Okuda
  3. Carrying::Lifting
  4. Spirited::Excited
  5. Oh!::Wahoo!
  6. Grid::1mil
  7. Country::estate
  8. Karen::Hancock
  9. Candles::Birthday
  10. Relationship::Friendship


  1. "The Stalker" was a JAG episode wherein Mac was stalked... she assumed by her ex-boyfriend, Dalton Lowne... however, he ended up dead, and she was still being stalked.
  2. DAH will, I think, understand how I got there... I can't explain it. Oh, maybe I can (after some googling to verify things): "Outrageous Okona" was an episode of TNG. Michael & Denise Okuda were heavily involved with all sorts of technical and artistic aspects of modern Trek. I frequently confuse "Okuda" and "Okona".
  3. or otherwise moving
  4. [self explanatory]
  5. When was the last time you went...
  6. useful in PCB layout
  7. Don't have such a place, myself
  8. Karen Hancock is the author of "Arena", an interesting spritual science-fiction/fantasy novel.
  9. also useful for Advent.
  10. one type


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