PeterCJ (pryrt) wrote,

Christmas is almost here

First, grr, my standard radio station stopped tuning in yesterday (well, may have been earlier) and was still not available this morning, so I had to listen to a different station during my shower. hmph.

Second, the alternate station claimed, at 5:30 this morning, that it was "5 days" until Christmas. I've never understood radio "Christmas math". It's one day until tomorrow, right? That means 1 day until Tuesday. 2 to Wed, 3 to Thu, 4 to Fri, 5 to Sat, 6 to Sun. Six, six days till Christmas, muahahaha.

Unconscious Mutterings' FA

  1. Replenish::renew
  2. People::get ready
  3. Trend::regression
  4. Girlfriends::very few
  5. Spirit::Holy
  6. Banshee::bungee
  7. Oasis::refuge
  8. Thrills::Trills
  9. Fountain::Pen
  10. Boxes::Wrapping Paper

How'd I get that?

  1. syn
  2. it seems to be associated with a tune in my head, but I can't come up with any more lyrics or a title, and I don't feel like doing the search right now
  3. Linear regression is one way of finding a trendline.
  4. make of that what you will. no, wait, don't. it is what it is, whatever you make of it.
  5. :-)
  6. sounds similar
  7. In the desert, oasis a refuge is.
  8. one could be had (by some) by throwing slugs; the others looks like slugs
  9. write again
  10. and lots of tape.


Tags: fa
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