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Merry Christmas

Good morning. Look, I'm actually doing the weekly FA on Sunday... And it's Christmas, to boot. Here 's a present from me to you:

Unconscious Mutterings's FA

  1. Virus::Analog
  2. Poop:Scoop
  3. Smart::Maxwell
  4. Agent::007
  5. Wrap::Saran
  6. Brass::Trumpet
  7. Waste of time::FA
  8. Suspicious::nature
  9. 360::degrees
  10. Dummy::"Free Association for Dummies"

Oh my

  1. Virus is a Christian dance/techno band. "Analog" is one of their albums.
  2. The responsibility of the dog and the owner, respectively
  3. Oddly enough, he came to mind _before_ I read "Agent" on the next line, consciously anyway
  4. Since Smart was already in my mind, I forced myself to think of something else; so, technically, this one wasn't "free". Of course, having "Smart" and "Agent" consecutively as prompts is rather confining to begin with.
  5. plastic!
  6. My brass instrument of choice
  7. Some might say so. I wouldn't
  8. curiouser and curiouser
  9. doth one circle make.
  10. A rather short book, I'd guess. Unless it's one on analyzing free associations... hmm.


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