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My Trivial Alphabet

Finally, a meme that I am willing to utilize (yoinked, unsurprisingly, from psiphiorg): basically, 26 pieces of trivia about me, based on the letters of the alphabet.

  1. The rather large Apple tree in my backyard had very few apples this last year.
  2. Blue is my favorite color
  3. Cyan is my favorite shade of blue
  4. Thanks to psiphiorg, "DAH" is an interjection I will occasionally use.
  5. "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge" is the acrostic I memorized to learn the treble clef
  6. I enjoyed Fishing as a young child, though I didn't much enjoy eating fish; now I enjoy eating fish, but I haven't gone fishing in 15 years.
  7. German is the foreign language I studied in high school, though I also had a half-quarter of biblical Greek.
  8. I am a man who wears few Hats
  9. My International travel has been restricted to Canada and northern Mexico, though someday it will likely include India.
  10. When my mother's ancestors came to the States, they changed their name to Johnson, in order to have a less common family name.
  11. I have been told that my father wanted the spelling of my middle name to start with 'K' rather than 'Ch'.
  12. I am very infrequently Late for anything.
  13. I appear to be a fan of Mazda (cf. R and Z)
  14. NULL seems an appropriate response when Nothing comes to mind for 'N'
  15. If I were more like my father, Ω (Omega) would be my favorite greek letter.
  16. Π (Pi) is my favorite greek letter, and π my favorite number, and Pumpkin Pie my favorite dessert.
  17. 'Q' seems unnecessary to me in the English alphabet.
  18. I just bought a 2005 Mazda RX-8, the "sequel" to my RX-7. I enjoy rotary engine vehicles. ;-)
  19. I played on a Soccer team in kindergarten. Outdoor soccer in a rainy Oregon winter is not a good way to get a child interested in that sport.
  20. I have played the Trumpet since just before 5th grade, though I haven't played nearly as much since I graduated college.
  21. Undercover's "Three Nails" is one of my favorite songs and, I think, the first song I quoted in an email signature. (hmm, if the order in my random sig database is accurate, it was actually the second.)
  22. "V", the tv-miniseries, creeped me out when it was first on TV when I was much younger... I'll see, sometime in the not-overwhelmingly-distant future, what I think of it when I watch it on DVD.
  23. I saw Whiteheart and Petra at the same concert once... that was cool.
  24. I have X-rays from when I broke my arm a few years back...
  25. In my interpretation, 'Y' is almost always (not just "sometimes", as the old mnemonic claims) a vowel.
  26. Mazda's Zoom-zoom advertising campaign is nifty.


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