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Celebrity Face-match and more.

Celebrity Face Match

So, I was skimming a newspaper in the lunchroom today at work, and saw an article about, which is showcasing some fun face-recognition/face-matching software, by matching a picture you upload to its library of a few thousand celebrity faces. Without registering, you can only upload one photo for comparison, so choose wisely.

this picture of me matched me as follows:

  • 56% match to James Naismith - Inventor of basketball, introduced the football helmet
  • 56% Murray Gell-Mann - 1969 Nobel Prize winning Physicist
  • 54% Linus Torvalds - the brain behind Linux
  • 47% Michael Moore - aaaaack! (made Fahrenheit 9/11)
  • 46% Matt LeBlanc - Joey (FRIENDS)
  • 45% Ewan McGregor - A young Jedi Master
  • 44% Leopold III of Belgium - King of the Belgians from '34 - '51
  • 43% Graham Hill - the only "famous" (ie, Wikipedia'd and top serach result in a9/google) GH I could find was a british Grand Prix race car driver

Mostly, I enjoy being associated with those.

And, if I take off the Male gender restriction, it also matches

  • 42% Maria Sharapova - famous Russian tennis star (even in the picture they showed, I just cannot see it. everyone else, I can at least see mild similarities)
  • 42% Gro Harlem Brundtland - norwegian politician and physician

I'm not sure which if us should be more disturbed on those

In case you're curious, Wikipedia has pictures of most of those people, and I'm sure googling for images on the others would turn up some. I am not to be held accountable for what you might encounter if you're silly enough to google for Sharapova pics.

Time for others to try, and fess up. :-) (And do any get better SciFi or techie matches than I did?)

... and more

Happy February 8th Birthday to John Williams (composer), Seth Green (Buffy's "Oz"), Nick Nolte, and (posthumously) Jack Lemmon.

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