PeterCJ (pryrt) wrote,

Shock and Confusion

I was in an odd mood, so decided to actually upload some user pics. And, while in that mood, I decided I'd do something I hadn't for a while...

So, without further ado, here's an ...

Unconscious Mutterings' FA
Week 194

  1. Stuff :: It
  2. Block :: Quote
  3. Ingredient :: Paprika
  4. Flagrant :: Foul
  5. Dandruff :: Shampoo
  6. Betty :: Grandma
  7. Tide :: With Bleach
  8. Judges :: Ruth
  9. Take it easy :: Chill
  10. Chef :: , Iron

Most of those were self-explanatory, and, if not, you really don't need more insight into the enigma that is I. At least, I'm not going to give it to you.

Hmm... While I'm at it, I'll explore another blast-from-my-LJ-past. In my "Celebrity Face-match and more" entry, I uploaded my pic to, and got some results. My brother recently followed suit, so I figured, while I was here, I might as well revisit. Plus, he had complained that two virtually-identical pictures, one without glasses and one with, had completely different results. So, I decided to try some experiments.

For one run, I reposted the same picture as before, which resulted in:

  • 59% Theodor Adorno
  • 56% Murray Gell-Mann
  • 56% James Naismith
  • 56% Michael Moore
  • 52% Matt LeBlanc
  • 51% Rudy Giuliani
  • 50% Linus Torvalds
  • 50% Maria Sharapova
  • 50% Ken Thompson
  • 49% Piet Hein

... basically the same, with a couple of minor modifications, possibly from new additions to the photo-db.

I also ran a different picture in, using the default image-rectangle, then resubmitting exactly the same, then adjusting the image-rectangle twice.

First Run:

  • 68% Vladmir Kramnik
  • 66% Bob Saget
  • 64% Keanu Reeves
  • 61% John Maynard Smith
  • 57% Abishek Bachchan
  • 55% Sharon Stone
  • 55% David Cronenberg
  • 54% Kenneth Branagh
  • 54% Harold Ramis
  • 54% Jennifer Jason Leigh

Re-run was mostly the same, with some changed percentages, but included:

  • 55% Tre Cool

Since the percentages changed on the same rectangle, I ignored them from now on, and did my first rectangle-adjust

  • Yasmeen Ghauri
  • Robert Oppenheimer
  • Oliver Messiaen
  • Laura Linney
  • Bertrand Russel
  • Natalie Portman
  • Peter Sellers

And a third rectangle adds

  • Roaslind Franklin
  • Karolina Kurkova
  • Paula Abdul

I hope you enjoyed it. Or something.


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